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In 1970 a tradition was born when Henry Norwood built his very first Oil Barrel Style Smoker. He would become Master Architect of a Lean, Mean, Charcoal, and Wood-Fire Cooking Machine.

He also developed a Mouth-Watering Tasty Rub & Marination for his meats, using his Low & Slow Savory Meat Mastery Technique and Perfecting Quality like no other!

With his loving wife Luella Norwood by his side encouraging his efforts, the family’s Famous Norwood BBQ Sauce would be born. This Perfectly Crafted BBQ Sauce, Luella’s Special Creation, created quite the BUZZ in their small town of Michigan City, Indiana.

The Norwood Husband & Wife Duo would go on to sell their Michigan City Famous Style BBQ at local events, for many years to follow. As old age gradually set in, their health also declined. Unable to open their own brick and mortar kitchen, their dream slowly faded.

Determined to pick up the Norwood family torch and continue on with tradition, their son Kwasi committed his time and effort into learning his father’s Savory Meat Mastery Techniques, and has perfected (as best as he could) his mother’s Special BBQ Sauce & Soulful Side Creations.

Time now to take it to the next level, Norwood Perfection! With well over 30 years of diverse cooking under his belt, Kwasi proudly carries the Norwood Torch. The Norwood Family Legacy will continue on under its’ well deserving name “Tiny Q’s”.

Tiny Q’s will be serving up delicious eats at Rainbow Bingo Hall in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Ultimately, plans to spread Tiny Q’s love across the nation are definitely in the works, with even bigger dreams to take the world by storm one day!

So get your taste buds ready to say, “Tiny Q’s… OH THE FLAVOR!”

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